Lydd Primary School

Lydd Primary School
Village Academy

Clubs and Wider Opportunities

The school has a wide variety of clubs and additional activities these include;

The breakfast club – Children can come here from 7.30.a.m in the morning and for a small fee have their breakfast and be looked after by staff until the beginning of the school day.

Homework club – A lunchtime club where children can complete homework with some additional help.

Art Club – A lunchtime club for Yrs 3-6

Chess Club - Run on a Thursday lunchtime for Y5 & Y6

Coding Club - A club run for Y5 & Y6 on a Thursday lunchtime

Computer Club - A lunchtime club run for KS2

Creative Club – A lunchtime club run for Yrs R-2

Film Club - A Tuesday lunchtime club run for Y6

Flow in Football - A lunchtime club run on a Wednesday and a Friday and also an Afterschool club run on a Thursday for Yrs 3-6.

Sports clubs and opportunities will run throughout the year allowing the children to have inter school competitive experiences, these include Netball, Cricket and Football.

While some clubs are seasonal the aim of the staff and volunteers who run the clubs is to always have a range of additional activities available for all of the children in the school, regardless of age group or particular interest.