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Survival Week (Y3 and Y4) (57 images)

Our topic for the summer terms is survival, so after finding out about some extreme environments where people struggle to survive we are learning some useful survival skills and techniques.

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Pandas (107 images)

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Year 3/4: Pandas Class

A Message from the Class Teacher

Welcome to year 3/ 4! This year we will be working very hard on a range of different topics, as well as learning to work as part of a team and becoming more independent learners. 

In English we will be starting the year celebrating Roald Dahl's 100th birthday.  We will also be developing our reading and writing skills through books such as Varjak Paw and comprehension texts on a variety of topics. In Maths we will be focussing on a range of key skills; developing written methods, increasing speed, increasing our knowledge of shapes, measures and data.  Whenever possible we link Maths to real life situations.  

Our first topic, Travels through Time will take us through changes in technology and transport, starting with the Stone Age, moving on to the Iron Age and then onto transport. We will then be moving onto a Topic based around Round the World in 80 Days and finally looking at heroes through history.

Click on the link below to see what else we will be getting up to, by looking at our our curriculum map. We are on cycle B.


PE is on Tuesday and Thursday, though it is useful to keep PE kits in school from Monday –Friday in case we have any special sessions.  Swimming (for Y4 only) is on a Thusrday afternoon.

We are also very fortunate this year to be learning how to play a variety of brass instruments. Once we have learnt a tune or two we will invite parents in for a short concert.

Homework usually goes home on a Friday, and should be handed in the following Wednesday afternoon. There is a homework club run three times a week at lunch time.  All children are welcome to attend any of the sessions that they wish to.  No need to book, just turn up.



How can parents help? 

  • Reading at home.  Please remember to sign your child’s record so that they can be awarded stamps towards our new school reading rewards prizes. Please note, it is fine to sign the reading record books whenever your child reads something, not just their scheme books.  Enjoying reading is just as important as building up a range of skills!
  • Looking at everyday measurements and prices when out shopping or cooking at home.
  • Making predictions about and discussing any TV programs that you may watch together.This really helps build an understanding of the world, as well as helping with comprehension and creative writing skills. 
  • Time.  Telling the time using both (including with Roman numerals) analogue and digital clocks.

Thank you for your support. 

Miss Raby

What exciting things have we been up to during terms 5 and 6?

Term 5 has seen Year 4 start swimming lessons in Rye pool. It's great fun!

In English we're puzzled by our new book, I was a Rat, so have been searching hard for clues about the main character. We've also written some fantastic  accounts based on parts of this story from various perspectives and researching circuses to write information texts. 

In Maths, we're working hard on improving our calculation skills for both mental and written calculations. We have also taken advantage of the good weather to learn about measuring capacity.

Our brass instrument playing has really come on too, so we showcased our skills to our parents one afternoon. 

In Science, we're getting stuck into our new unit on light and shadows. This started with using spaghetti as beams of light to explain how we see things. Our Science display board is filling up with the things we've been learning.

The first week of term 6 saw us busy with an election themed week. We read and wrote manifestos as well as collecting and analysing voting data. On the general Election Day we also had the chance to vote in a school mock election. Furthermore, we found about about the development of our democratic society from the Magna Carta to the suffragettes. We finished the week reading and writing about Nelson Mandela - his anthem was requested to be played repeatedly throughout the day.

What exciting things have we been up to during terms 3 and 4? 

In English we enjoyed two contrasting books; Varjak Paw and Fungus the Bogeyman. We have also done some drama and hot seating for the characters, as well as thinking about how cats move, trying out some cat gymnastics in PE. Book Day saw us dress up as a variety of characters from our favourite books and enjoy a day of book related activities. 

In Maths we had a look at tricks for calculating, building on the skills we learn in 5 a day. WE also made some posters to explain problem solving strategies on the working wall, and created some engaging games to play during Maths week.

Our Topic of Around the Workd in 80 Days has taken us on a long, but interesting journey following the voyage taken by the characters, Phileas Fogg and Passepartout in the book and film.

In Science we have started to find out about sound, by carrying out a series of investigations. During which we discovered that sound is produced by vibrations and travels in sound waves. We then moved onto forces and magnets, discovering lots about their properties, then using our knowledge to create a game.

In RE we have been finding out about the local church, including what it does in the local community. Mrs Ireland took us on a trip to the church, where some kind people showed us some of their most precious items. Our letter of thanks was published in the Parish Magazine.

Our main PE sessions focussed on hockey skills with a lot of work on special awareness, moving onto team work with lots of short games. Also, we enjoyed a Chinese dragon dancing workshop linked to a Chinese New Year celebrations.

Dragon dance 

What exciting things have we been up to during terms 1 and 2?

The year has got off to an exciting start. During the second week we joined in the national celebrations for Roald Dahl's 100th birthday. A huge thank you to all of the parents who helped with costumes - the children looked amazing! 

We have also had our first few brass lessons, and have learnt how musical notes link to fractions. We have used what we learnt to compose and play short tunes. 

In Science we are learning about different types of rocks. On Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd September we learnt about the rock cycle using chocolate. 



The following week we looked at how fossils are formed. 

Making Fossils

On Wednesday 5th October we joined in with No Pens Day, so spent the day improving our speaking and listening skills (whilst making a mess of the classroom).

We learnt about main and subordinate clauses, then had a go at solving some maths problems, all whilst sharing ideas and working in teams.


 No Pens Day  

Whilst learning about adverbials we made our own glue, writing instructions for others to follow as we went. It really was very sticky! Later on in the day we then used this to make some Iron Age inspired collages.


We have also done some good drama, focusing on a short scene from The Twits, to support our writing.


As part of our Topic on transport we had a trip to the London Transport Museum. We learnt about how Transport has changed over the years and also saw lots of famous London landmarks. It was a tiring, but fun day for all.

In December we worked hard on performing two things for Christmas. The first was singing A Whole New World as part of the KS2 production of Aladdin. The second was playing Little Donkey on our brass instruments in church as part of our school carol service. We all did amazingly well!