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Pandas 2016-2017 (26 images)

Topic Term 1: Me and My World (9 images)

A gallery of photos to show you all about the fun and exciting learning that happens on our adventures in the the Ducklings Reception Unit!

Hedgehogs 2016-17 (8 images)

Survival Week (Y3 and Y4) (57 images)

Our topic for the summer terms is survival, so after finding out about some extreme environments where people struggle to survive we are learning some useful survival skills and techniques.

PE (19 images)

Some of the activities that we have enjoyed in PE.

Pandas (107 images)

Musical instruments for our school (4 images)

Lydd School got brass instruments for our Year 4 which they are now all learning.

English (12 images)


Year 5 2017 : Tigers Class

Term 5 Update

We continue to work very hard in the Tigers' class and have had some great fun working on all our English skills and even making a movie!




The date of the premiere will be announced very soon.


What will we be working on in terms 5 and 6?

We are currently reading Stormbreaker by Anthony Harowitz and look forward to completing some poetry in term 5.

Our maths, like English, is taught daily and covers the full range of concepts from the National Curriculum. Additionally, pupils are given confidence building tasks such as 5-a-day maths problems, the Big Maths programme and of course the termly times tables challenge to help improve their efficiency. Maths is often brought into other curriculum subjects, particularly science and P.E.

  Year 5 Tigers Curriculum Overview (we're currently working on Cycle B)

School Trip

In Science we have been studying Darwin and his theory of evolution. We had a fantastic school  trip to Down House this term and found out lots of new facts about Charles Darwin and his life. 




 For your information

Although we will usually be doing PE on a Friday, we would prefer if PE kits were kept in school all week and taken home to wash at the weekend. Homework will usually be given out on a Thursday or Friday and is due in on Tuesday or Wednesday.

I’m sure this will be a fantastic year for the Tigers and if you do have any problems, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Thanks for reading - please keep checking the website. We'll do our best to keep it updated regularly.

Mr Brundle and Miss Boraston 





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