Lydd Primary School

Lydd Primary School
Village Academy

Year 5: Lions Class

Term 6 news

The premiere of our class film: El Dorado is on Monday 17th July. We have been busy writing reviews, thinking of critics quotes and interviewing each other, in order to make our own special film programmes. We are looking forward to our first 'red carpet' experience!

Term 5 news

This term we have been finding out about Charles Darwin as part of our Science work on evolution. To bring our work to life, all of Year 5 ventured to Down House, the home of Charles Darwin and where he worked for 40 years. We worked in groups to find evidence around his home to arrive at conclusions about his life and work. We enjoyed exploring the gardens and greenhouse and observing the same specimens that Darwin used for his experiments. When we got back to the classroom, we used our experiences to write a postcard aboard the HMS Beagle and also create portraits of Charles Darwin using charcoal.  



Term 4 news

We have been learning about Pop Art as part of our topic work on Britain since 1948 . We used ICT to edit a photograph of our faces and then used contrasting colours to fill in the outline of our faces.  We also used the internet to research the artist, Andy Warhol, and used this information to write a biography about his life. 


Term 3 news

This term, we have been set the challenge of writing and making our adventure film: The Lost City of Gold. The adventure is about a group of detectives who are invited to Columbia to solve a mystery. So far, we have created a name for the detective agency: The Secret Shadows and written profiles for our three central characters. We enjoyed making life size character outlines and writing our ideas inside them. Each week, we are set a different writing task which we will then bring to life using movie making software. At the end of all our hard work, we will host a film premiere for parents. Watch this space for more news!


We are enjoying gymnastic lessons with Miss Dear, learning to use floor and wall apparatus and have also taken part in a Safe Kids workshop. 


Term 2 news

We enjoyed learning about healthy foods and taking part in a cooking workshop. During the workshop, we got to use a smoothie bike and tried to guess some unusual ingredients in a chocolate brownie - avocado and beetroot! We also learnt how to use a knife safely, putting our new skills to the test when we chopped different vegetables for a pizza which we created and then took home to cook. Some of us were very adventurous and tried some new foods for the first time, including raw mushrooms!



Term 1 news

We took part in a workshop about determination led by James Sheridan, a UCI bike trialist. During the workshop, we had to face a number of challenges which tested our fitness and determination. We also had to work together as a team to solve problems. After the workshop, we thought about things we would like to work towards in Year 5.  


At the beginning of term, we enjoyed celebrating Roald Dahl week and used the story of Esio Trot as inspiration to research and write non-chronological reports about tortoises. We then shared these with children in Rabbits class. 


Read, Explore And Discover (READ)

As well as the school's incentive scheme for rewarding reading at home, we have a reading competition in class too. Every time children read at home, this counts towards an award, starting with a Bronze award acknowledging when children have read on 10 occasions at home. After 30 reads, children can then start to work towards raffle tickets. At the end of each term, all of the children who have received raffle tickets get a chance to win a prize. We have noticed lots of children sticking to the reading promises they made for 2017; reading more at home, as well as challenging themselves by reading classic novels. Keep up the great work!

Big Maths

The weekly Big Maths challenge comprises a series of timed tests on times tables and addition and subtraction facts, including doubles and near doubles. We practise the test during the week and then complete the actual test each Friday. Once children have achieved the maximum score three weeks in a row, they can move on to the next level. 


The children completed some fantastic homework projects in Term 2 and really showed off their creativity skills. The projects are now proudly on display in the classroom next to Year 5 and in the display cabinets. This term, children will receive weekly homework linked to what we have been learning about in class.