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Year 6: Panthers - updated May 2017

It’s a very eventful year for the pupils. Eventful in terms of their learning, responsibilities, trips, performances, transition to their secondary schools and other opportunities too. The first two terms, up to the Christmas break, included a trip to Dungeness Power Station. Predominately, this was to benefit our science and geography/sustainability studies but was also very useful in terms of understanding how our class studies apply to the work place.

The class is taught by Mr Southgate, with Mrs Ireland supporting. The role of intervention and booster groups cannot be underestimated and Mr Bamford assists us with that on Thursdays and Fridays. He works with some children in a small group basis to further enhance their skill sets and address misconceptions.

Homework is set every Friday and expected back, completed, by the following Wednesday. Spellings are set on Mondays and tested on the Friday of the same week - note: spellings are not set for homework in terms 5 & 6. Reading and mental arithmetic skills are also essential skills that each pupil needs to have – anything you can assist with at home is genuinely beneficial and will always be of benefit to your child’s education. (As is a good night’s rest!).

Terms 5 and 6 are still very busy, moreso when the SATs are over. Our attention turns to pupils' transition to secondary school, this involves lots of PHSE and opportunities to 'advertise' their qualities through a range of media and styles (including Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Sport, Technology, Art and the Arts). A Lydd version of a Shakespeare play - A Midsummer Night's Dream - is also in the offering. We have trips to secondary schools plus an Army Day, at Lydd Army Camp. 

An overview of the year…


English is taught daily in sessions covering a multitude of skills and genres including grammar, spelling, punctuation, comprehension, writing and poetry. Within the curriculum, there is plenty of scope to include English in other subjects and this is wholeheartedly embraced. Our class books typically relate to the History topic area being covered in that term.


Our maths, like English, is taught daily and covers the full range of concepts from the National Curriculum. Additionally, pupils are given confidence building tasks such as 5-a-day maths problems, the Big Maths programme and of course the termly times tables challenge to help improve their efficiency. Maths is often brought into other curriculum subjects, particularly science and P.E.






Terms 1 & 2

Terms 3 & 4

Terms 5 & 6




Properties of materials; Light

Evolution and Inheritance; Animals (including Humans)




Invaders: Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and Edward the Confessor

Maps; Topographic of the UK; Continents 


Eras & Decades: Royal Houses and the English Civil War.

Field research - human impact on the environment; Topographical features inc. hills, mountains, rivers, coast. 

(Game Reserve Projects)

Physical & human geography

Art & Design Technology

3d Mod Roc; Textiles; Constructing using glue guns and hand tools.

Food tech: preparation (peeling, whisking) techniques for recipes.

Cams; Screening printing/Marbling; Imaginary drawing

Food Tech:Cooking with ovens, grills and mocrowave.

Observational drawing; editing digital photography; Food tech: savoury recipe.


Physical Education


Netball/Basketball; Dance.

Football; Gymnastics.

Tennis, Orienteering; Cricket; Athletics.


Computing (inc. cyber safety)


Devising and creating an App.


Researching, developing and marketing an App

Creating a video and walk-through for our own Apps.


Religious Education


Judaism; Christianity

Sikhism; Christianity

Sikhism; the moral life



Raps and Chants; Singing and performing.


Reading music (recorders); Composing

Appraising music and performance.


Personal, Social and Health Education + Citizenship


New beginnings; Friendship building/Anti-bullying.

Appreciating ourselves; Dealing with conflicts.

Setting goals; Relationships and Changes; Transition to secondary school.


Our pantomime, Aladdin, was a storming success. Every child from Year 6 featured on stage and participated in the production. Towards the end of the school year, Panthers will put on a Shakespeare production too. After all, "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players." 

****STOP PRESS****

Year 6 parents and guests are invited to watch the performance of Lyddsummer Night's Dream. Tuesday 18th July in the Upper School Hall, starting promptly at 2pm.


SATs Week Timetable

These are nationwide tests, set by the Department for Education. The pupils will be well-prepared for these and will sit them, like other year six pupils up and down the country, in the week commencing 8th May.

Monday 8th May - English reading test

Tuesday 9th May - English grammar, punctuation and spelling

Paper 1: spelling; English grammar, punctuation and spelling

Paper 2: questions

Wednesday 10th May - mathematics Paper 1: arithmetic; mathematics Paper 2: reasoning

Thursday 11th May - mathematics Paper 3: reasoning

This concludes the testing as writing is assessed at a county level with other schools within the Kent authority remit.

Booster classes are available in Term 4 and Term 5 - letters have gone to targeted pupils; however, further spaces may be available. If you wish your child to attend a booster session (Wednesday: Comprehension, Thursday: Maths, Friday: Grammar) please contact me. 


Trips this academic year: November - Dungeness B Power Station; January - SALUS Safety in Action; June - Army Adventure Day and Marsh Olympics; June/July - transition days to Secondary School. 


Keep popping back from time to time to check for updates and more of our news. 

Mr Southgate