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The Village Academy is a group of town, city and village schools that have joined together to provide the very best education for the children in our care and where we believe that education is very much a matter of the individual.

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Year 2 : Foxes Class

A Message from the Class Teacher

Welcome to Fox Class! We are a year 2 class who enjoy learning new things, whether it be through delving into our latest literacy book, using our maths skills to solve the latest problem solving challenge or learning through history, geography and the creative curriculum in our exciting topic work! We hope you enjoy having a look around our website!

What will we be learning this year?

Have a look below to see what we will be up to this term!


  • The Leaf Men – William Joyce
  • Journey – Aaron Becker
  • Hermelin – Mini Grey

We will be sharing and enjoying stories, writing instructions, poems and recounts, describing characters and settings and role playing. We study each book for a few weeks using the book to cover as many forms of writing as possible. Through that work we will look at things like adjectives/nouns/verbs, finger spaces, cursive handwriting, direct speech, conjunctions, exclamations and questions, punctuation, developing vocabulary and phonics/spelling.



  • Finding 10 more and less
  • Addition and subtraction to solve problems
  • Partitioning numbers into hundreds, tens and units and the associated place value
  • Comparing numbers using more/less and using <, > and = signs
  • Using inverse to check answers to problems
  • Using coins to make values
  • Estimate and measure using CM and M


Topic – Can You Dig It?

  • Science – Use of Everyday Materials – What are the names of these common materials? What are their properties? Why are they well-suited to their jobs for certain objects?
  • Geography – Local area, name and locate the four countries and capital cities of the UK and surrounding seas.
  • History – Important events beyond living memory (Dinosaurs)
  • RE – Christianity (Parables) – The Good Samaritan, The Lost Sheep, The Lost Coin, The Great Feast, The Talents and The Two Builders. Where do Christians believe these stories came from? What message do they take from these parables?
  • DT – Construction.
  • DT – Food – Tasting, breading, tearing, flouring, squashing, mashing.
  • Art – Collage, including using natural materials
  • PE – Throwing and catching and them moving onto choreographing and performing dances.
  • Music – Singing/performing – join in with songs. Sing loudly or quietly, fast or slow.


These are just some of the things we will touch upon on this topic!


What you can do to help at home?

  • Have you got any fossils, interesting stones or gems that you would be happy to send in for display?
  • Any information books about any of the above ‘Can You Dig It’ topics would be useful!
  • Above all, reading at home and completing homework on time should be made priority at home! Thank you!