Lydd Primary School

Lydd Primary School
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Pandas 2016-2017 (26 images)

Topic Term 1: Me and My World (9 images)

A gallery of photos to show you all about the fun and exciting learning that happens on our adventures in the the Ducklings Reception Unit!

Hedgehogs 2016-17 (8 images)

Survival Week (Y3 and Y4) (57 images)

Our topic for the summer terms is survival, so after finding out about some extreme environments where people struggle to survive we are learning some useful survival skills and techniques.

PE (19 images)

Some of the activities that we have enjoyed in PE.

Pandas (107 images)

Musical instruments for our school (4 images)

Lydd School got brass instruments for our Year 4 which they are now all learning.

English (12 images)