The Village Academy

The Village Academy is a group of town, city and village schools that have joined together to provide the very best education for the children in our care and where we believe that education is very much a matter of the individual.

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Marsh Olympics

Last Friday, Years 4, 5 and 6 all took part in the Marsh Olympics at the Marsh Academy. Along with seven other primary schools, the children participated in a range of sports including Handball, Kick Rounders, Cricket and Tag Rugby. Each class was split into teams, representing different countries around the world, and were given points for a win, loss or draw. It was an action packed day and the children were a credit to our school displaying great teamwork and sportsmanship throughout the activities. At the end of a very long but enjoyable day of sport, we all gathered to find out the winning countries in the two competitions. All of the children performed very well, but we were delighted to find out that in the Year 5 and 6 competition, two of our teams were placed in the top ten out of 48 countries! Well done Lydd Primary!