The Village Academy

The Village Academy is a group of town, city and village schools that have joined together to provide the very best education for the children in our care and where we believe that education is very much a matter of the individual.

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Who we are/ Staff List

Organisation of Classes

From September 2017 the classes in our school are organised as follows:

Bluebells Nursery
Teachers: Mrs Bayliss and Mrs Redshaw
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Hughes, Mrs Faulkner-Bechelli, Mrs Arter and Mrs Hogben

Reception (Ducklings)
Teachers: Mrs Bamford and Mrs Rodriguez
Teaching Assistants: Mrs James, Miss Ireland and Ms Moffatt

Year 1 (Hedgehogs)
Miss Schembri
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Usher

Year 1/2 (Squirrels)
Mrs Boraston
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Buckley and Mrs Wrout

Year 2 (Foxes)
Miss Fitton
Teaching Assistant: Miss Collins

Year 3 (Monkeys)
Miss Dear
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Gilden

Year 3/4 (Kangaroos)
Mrs Addison (Mon/Tues) and Mrs McCarthy (Wed - Fri)
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Kirby

Year 4 (Pandas)
Miss Raby
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Alley

Year 5 (Lions)
Miss Simmonds
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Button

Year 6 (Tigers)

Teachers: Mr Brundle and Mrs Redshaw

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Crisford

Year 6 (Panthers)
Mr Southgate
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Ireland  and Miss Coomber

School Staff

Head of School:                      Mrs Man
Office Manager:                     Mrs Fitzsimons
Office Admin Assistant:           Mrs Flanagan

SENCO:                                 Mrs Bayliss and Miss Simmonds
Inclusion Co-ordinator:             Mrs Hart
Family Liaison Officer:            Mrs Marston
Breakfast Club:                       Mrs Crisford
Caretaker:                              Mr Taylor


Academy Staff

For further information about The Village Academy central Staff, please CLICK HERE.