Lydd Primary School

Lydd Primary School
Village Academy

Who we are/ Staff List

Organisation of Classes

From September 2017 the classes in our school are organised as follows:

Bluebells Nursery
Teachers: Mrs Bayliss and Mrs Redshaw
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Hughes, Mrs Faulkner-Bechelli, Mrs Arter and Mrs Hogben

Reception (Ducklings)
Teachers: Mrs Bamford and Mrs Rodriguez
Teaching Assistants: Mrs James, Miss Ireland and Miss Collins

Year 1 (Hedgehogs)
Miss Schembri
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Usher

Year 1/2 (Squirrels)
Mrs Boraston
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Buckley and Mrs Wrout

Year 2 (Foxes)
Miss Fitton
Teaching Assistant: Miss Collins

Year 3 (Monkeys)
Miss Dear
Teaching Assistant: Miss Flanagan and Miss Ireland

Year 3/4 (Kangaroos)
Mrs Addison (Mon/Tues) and Mrs McCarthy (Wed - Fri)
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Kirby

Year 4 (Pandas)
Miss Raby
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Alley

Year 5 (Lions)
Miss Simmonds
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Button

Year 6 (Tigers)

Teachers: Mr Brundle and Mrs Redshaw

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Crisford

Year 6 (Panthers)
Mr Southgate
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Ireland  and Miss Coomber

School Staff

Head of School:                           Mrs Man
Office Manager:                          Mrs Fitzsimons
Office Admin Assistant:            Mrs Flanagan

SENCO:                                           Mrs Bayliss and Miss Simmonds
Inclusion Co-ordinator:              Mrs Hart
Family Liaison Officer:               Mrs Marston
Breakfast Club:                            Mrs Crisford
Caretaker:                                      Mr Taylor


Academy Staff

Principal: Mr Ian Fidge
Assistant Principal: Mrs Kelly Collens
PA to the Principal and SLT: Mrs Deborah Harris
SENCO/Teaching Assistant Manager: Mrs Lisa Goldsworthy
SEN Administration Asst: Mrs Carey Underdown